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“Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration, as we need an entire army of companies to work together to build a better world within the next few decades. This means corporations must embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another.”

– Simon Mainwaring

We couldn’t agree with Simon more. It’s obvious that humanity on a core level loves to create. It’s almost as if it’s in our DNA. Whether it’s a business, a house or simply a delicious coffee… then we want to tell the world all about our new creation!

Say hello to Newcastle Creative Co. We see ourselves as part of the army of companies required to bring your creation to life. That’s why we’re all about collaborating, creating & managing the best platforms and using the most creative ways to help breathe life into your projects & connect with people. Scroll through our services below to see an overview of what  Newcastle Creative Co. offers.


We’ve heard it said that first impressions always last. That means your brand will either say pro or work in progress. We can help set you apart.

Graphic Design

Finding a graphic designer is easy. Finding a graphic designer who actually care’s about your brand & businesses reputation is like winning the lotto.


Getting your brand in front of the perfect target audience at the perfect time is a science within itself. Our tried and true strategies make all the difference.

Unleash 84 – Branding & Website


So much more than design. Your website is the online vehicle for your business. We specialise in creating sites that drive traffic, generates leads & sales.

Creative Content

Driving customers to your site is one thing, keeping them there is an art within itself. Our creative content team can help wordsmith your website to perfection.

Website Care Plans

Nothing will get you fuming faster than a website that isn’t working. Our tailored Website Care Plans ensure everything runs smoothly 24/7.

Unleash 84 – Branding & Website

Social Media

Far beyond a quick boost. Our Social Media strategists are pro’s at putting your brand in front of the perfect audience at the perfect time, every time.


Empathy is the key to marketing success. Its not just about identifying your target audience, rather it’s all about relating & appealing to them.

Event Management

Thinking of holding an event? We have an in-house professional event manager who can seamlessly pull all the moving parts of your next event together,

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Newcastle Creative Co. is everything I’d hoped for & more. I am impressed with their quick understanding of our company brand and ability to produce original, clever & meaningful posts every week. They are brilliant at transforming our ideas into great Social Media Marketing. We are now reaching a bigger audience with a more positive, engaging message. They have taken the burden of social media away from me & made my work life so much easier. We highly recommend them.

Karl Gould

Managing Director

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