7 Free Summer Fonts

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Everyone loves free fonts, right? And you need a free font for Summer.

You’re designing a graphic for a Christmas & New Year’s Sale, or for a summer party, for a summer sale, whatever it may be. And you need a free font.

You need a font that has some summer vibes to it.

Like the fonts on all of those great social posts you are seeing from local businesses. You know the ones. Bright colours with palm trees, pineapples, and cocktails on it paired with a font that somehow exudes the same vibes as the colours. How have they managed to find a font so perfect and enticing? You need it.

You need it now.

You need it to be free.

And it needs to be free for both personal and commercial usage.

Well, you have come to the right place! We have seven free fonts for summer just for you, downloadable for free, both for personal and commercial use.

Keep reading.

Mattilda script free summer font

Free Font For Summer #1 – Mattilda

This script font is perfect for a summer social graphic or event advert. Smooth lettering, nice rounded edges and it’s just got that summer vibe that makes you feel good about the warm weather.

A good script font is hard to find. And this is a good script font.

A good summer script font plays the balance between being strong but playful at the same time. You want your type to stand out but you want it to blend with the playful feel of the rest of your design at the same time.

oxford serif free summer font

Free Font For Summer #2 – Oxford

If we had one word to describe this font, it’d be regal.

We are suckers for a serif fonts. We could easily overuse a good serif font.

A little more sophisticated than script fonts, serif fonts aren’t over the top ornamental but they are just… elegant. Oxford is a clean, nice font that looks absolutely incredible on photo or video backgrounds that have a vintage, rich colour.

Alberto san serif free summer font

Free Font For Summer #3 – Alberto

It’s a little retro. It’s a little vintage.

Alberto is a chunky sans serif font that looks great in uppercase. There isn’t much space between each of the letters, but it works.

Looking for a hard-hitting, bold, thick summer font? Alberto is your man font.

Gilroy san serif free summer font

Free Font For Summer #4 – Gilroy

Our fourth free summer font is Gilroy. Another chunky san serif font.

We chose a few chunky or bold san serif fonts for this list as we find these fonts some of the most versatile. A font like Oxford or Mattilda can be exceptionally used, but it’s not nearly as versatile as a big and bold, chunky san serif font.

San serif fonts are absolutely great for headlines but this one is nice because we think it looks great in lowercase as well as uppercase, which is unusual for this style of font.

Gilroy is truly multi-purpose; it’s not delicate, it holds a bit of weight, but it can still be used for more than just headlines.

Hansief san serif free summer font

Free Font For Summer #5 – Hansief

Rough, bold, a little distressed.

This san serif font has a gritty and textured look to it. Perfect for a party in a barn. Or a barbecue on the beach. And there’s a fire. And testosterone. Probably guns. Grilling of meat. Perhaps driving quadbikes but probably a ride-on lawnmower race.

We often don’t lean towards these kinds of fonts as we think they are reserved only for very specific uses. But we like to get out of our boat and we have found we liked the results of using this font.

Garment District script free summer font

Free Font For Summer #6 – Garment District

Even in the example photo for this, there’s a pool. It’s blue water. There’s a yellow deck. It’s super summery, super playful.

Again, this is one of those fonts that are perfect for summer.

You wont find any straight lines in this font. It’s very curvy, very cursive, so it might get a little overwhelming so use sparingly. But wherever it is used it’s like it injects a splash of Summer.

Tuesday Night script free summer font

Free Font For Summer #7 – Tuesday Night

Our final free summer font is also our very favourite from this list.

Another handwritten script that is very “in style” at the moment.

Large, oversized capital letters paired with really, really small lowercase letters create this extravagant contract.

Our issue with handwritten fonts is that we can never find out we truly love. Either the E is written strangely, or the capitalised letters are either too big or too small.

But Tuesday Night just hits it in every category for a handwritten script.

And it’s free!

And those are our favourite seven free fonts that are perfect for summer.

We found these free fonts from a few lists around the internet and if you are looking for more free fonts we would recommend heading to either Flywheel or a company named Easel. Both often release free fonts lists and all of the fonts above were found on their lists.

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